Ryn is a writer and facilitator with a creative living practice that's embodied, queer, and ancestrally-rooted.‌

Ryn cultivates longing as devotional practice, creating space in the everyday for dreaming and enchantment. Ryn roots in ancient Jewish understandings of embodiment as inseparable from both temporality and Divinity throughout the creation process, which allows for the flourishing of new creative possibilities, rhythms, and ways of being. Honoring the moon as their ancestral home, Ryn tends to the connection the moon enables between our bodies, land bodies, and water bodies.

As Seen In

Episode #6 of Salon Sophia with Monique Francis

Episode #127 of the Creative Nature Podcast with Yarrow Magdalena


"Hiddenness and Revelation: Beyond Binarist Modes of Knowing" at the All Night Kohenet Tikkun Leil Shavuot

"Depth and Darkness as Generative Concepts for Teshuvah Practice"


"Beyond Possibility: Review of Taylor Driggers' Queering Faith in Fantasy Literature" for Ancillary Review of Books

"Deep Desires: Embodiment and (Re)Writing Diaspora" for Sinister Wisdom 119: To Be A Jewish Dyke in the 21st Century

"Getting Grounded: Weaving a Non-Linear Creative Process" for Little Red Tarot


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