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Alchemize Longing

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Come nourish your creative potential and source of possibility by diving into the depths of winter.

Photo by Daiwei Lu / Unsplash

Perhaps you’d like to nurture your creativity, but don’t have a lot of free time, or maybe you’re having trouble committing to your practice.

Maybe you don’t even know if you identify as creative, and are looking for some gentle support and affirmation, or maybe you’re refining your practice and looking for some fresh insight.

Perhaps you love winter and are hoping to connect more deeply with the spirit of the season, or maybe you have a more prickly attitude towards the chilly depths, and are still curious about what wisdom they may hold.

Maybe you’re interested in grounding in your Jewish ancestry, or maybe you’re not Jewish and curious to learn from a tradition different than your own.

All are welcome.

Alchemize Longing is designed to support your connection to creativity and a sense of possibility at the darkest time of year. Rooted in the Jewish month of Tevet, which begins on December 5, we will explore the teachings of the season as they relate to the creative process, leaning into the elemental attributes of water and fire, the traditional tarot and astrological correspondences for December, the wisdom of Jewish conceptualizations of depth and time, and more.

Class content will become available in audio and PDF format starting on Sunday, December 5th, with a live call on Wednesday December 15th at 2pm EST that can also be watched later as a recording.

Why I’m Offering This

I spent the majority of my twenties in a PhD program that sapped my energy, my creativity, and even made it difficult to dream about life beyond its own narrow reaches. I eventually managed to leave that program due to my own longing to move towards something different.

At first, I didn’t know what that longing was reaching for. I did know that I could feel it sometimes, a resonance in my sternum while listening to stirring music; a sensation of alignment with something beyond myself during my journaling practice. It was these slow, early years that really taught me the importance of my own creative process for feeling into what I really wanted, the sense of possibility that I would come to label as speculative.

Ultimately, making space for longing and creativity in my own life has left me feeling nourished and vibrant, with a sense of greater intimacy with myself and my own desires.

How It Works

This is a cozy container where you will not be overwhelmed by too much material during a time of year that can be busy for many folks. You can go at your own pace, moving through the content over the span of a weekend, a week, or a month, as you prefer.


How long will I have access to the course?

At least through January 2022.

What are your commitments to accessibility?

There will be transcripts available for all audio recordings.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer refunds at this time.